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Chirurgie /Surgery /Cirurgia

Kastrationen, Hautbiopsie, Umfangsvermehrung/Warzenentfernung

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  • Wolboldstraße


Injektions- und Inhalationsnarkose, Monitorüberwachung Sedation für Kurzeingriffe Wundrevision (auch mit Anlegen einer Drainage) Hautbiopsie, Umfangsvermehrung/Warzenentfernung Kastrationen Nabelbruch-OP Zahnsanierung ---------- We are able to offer routine, elective surgical procedures under anesthesia (injectable or inhalant depending on the case). More advanced surgical procedures will be referred to a local veterinary surgeon. All our surgical cases will receive high level anesthetic care and monitoring. Patients receiving general anesthesia will be intravenously catheterized and have an endotracheal placed to deliver anesthetic gasses. We perform detailed monitoring of your pet to include: ECG heart monitoring, pulse oximetry (measuring blood oxygen saturation), body temperature, and blood pressure. After the procedure, a pain management plan will be put in place for your pet. Some examples of the types of surgical procedures we offer: Spays and neuters Dental procedures Laceration repair Collection of biopsy samples Removal of small skin masses/tumor/warts Repair of umbilical hernias ---------- PT: Anestesia por injeção e inalação com monitor multiparâmetros Sedação para intervenções curtas Revisão de feridas (também com aplicação de drenagem) Biópsia de pele, extração de tumores/verrugas Castrações Reparação de hérnia umbilical Cirurgias odontológicas


  • Wolboldstraße 5, 71063 Sindelfingen, Deutschland


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